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This project examines the role played by the different publishing ventures that emerged in Galicia during the Franco dictatorship, assessing their importance in relation to the revival and re-evaluation of Galician culture in this period. A detailed collection has been made of all the data relating to book publications in Galicia during the period 1939-1975: publisher, place of publication, fields (title, author, genre, etc.) Using these data, the different publishing projects have been classified and analysed...Read more

O mundo editorial

The main aim of this research project is to study the production of published work in Galicia during the Franco era, an activity that was strongly conditioned by the prevailing ideology of the time and the socio-economic difficulties created by the dictatorship. Publishing in Galicia was not constrained by its circumstances, however. The period 1939-1975 saw the emergence of numerous publishing initiatives, some more lasting than others, with patronage from different sources, varying editorial...Read more